Photos don't show up in slideshows


If the photos won't load on your computer, tablet or smartphone, it may be as a result of the configuration of your browser.

Our testing shows that third-party privacy/security software or browser add-ons and extensions interfere with your ability to view at its best.

Some examples of this type of software are: Avast Online Security, DoNotTrackMe, Ghostery and Adblock Plus.

While many people install such software to limit their exposure to perceived dangers of the Internet, users need to understand that each package distorts the Web in ways that developers can’t anticipate.

The software is selectively removing bits of code that other bits of code depend on, and that can mean a page loads incompletely or a video won’t play.

We don't want to advise people against using the security software they feel is necessary. In fact, we recommend that all users be aware of the ramifications of any software or plug-in they install and take appropriate steps to configure the software to prevent it from interfering with Web sites that they like to use.

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