Why do you interrupt TV programming for weather reports?


It is our policy to interrupt regular programming for a tornado warning and for some severs thunderstorm warnings (when there's a likelihood of damage occurring).  

We believe doing otherwise would be irresponsible given the precise information that we can provide in these potentially life-threatening situations.  

This policy is based on an unyielding commitment to serving the community when it comes to public safety.  

We recognize that these interruptions disappoint and even frustrate some viewers who expect to watch scheduled programs.  

With that in mind, we rely primarily on the crawl at the bottom of the screen to deliver information in severe weather situations.  

Please know that we interrupt programming only when there's an imminent threat.

When that happens, we often shift regular programming to WRAL2, which can be found over-the-air on Ch. 5.2 and on Time Warner Cable digital Ch. 106.  Additionally, we use the "double box" format during live sporting events and some reality shows, so viewers can still see the action.


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