Why did WRAL.com change?

We’ve focused on four objectives in the new design:

1. Clean up clutter and make the site easy to navigate

2. Emphasize video and visuals

3. More closely tie the WRAL and WRALSportsFan brands

4. Implement flexibility for the growing number of users who tap our content from mobile devices


The new site allows us to show more headlines at the top of the page, to clearly label special reports and to visually differentiate a big story. 

We’ve added interactive menus to give you a glimpse inside each section without having to leave the homepage. 


The new site includes more and larger images throughout. Inside stories and sections, video takes pride of place.

We’ve designed the video and slideshow pages to immerse you in the amazing photography that we get from our award-winning staff. 


We know that 80 percent of users of WRALSportsFan.com come from WRAL.com, so we will recognize that relationship and make it easier to move between the sites. 

You can even get a sneak peek into the sports section from any page on WRAL.com.

Within sports, we will emphasize personalities, schools and sports.

We’re also adding dedicated pages for some of the smaller schools in our area – NCCU, Shaw, St. Aug’s, etc. – a response to years of requests from those fans.


Finally, our new site is “responsive.” It will know if you visit on a desktop browser, a tablet or a mobile phone, and you will get a website designed to fit your device. The organization of the sections, video and stories will be the same no matter the device.

Video and photos will play better from the phone. 

Links will work, and our full archive will be available to mobile users.
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